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Ask Yourself:

Is your company, reputation or project under attack?

Do your initiatives create controversy, fear, opposition·or disinterest?

Do you need public input, customer support or voter approval to move forward?

Do you want to engage the community, opinion leaders and the media on
important decisions?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Engage Public Affairs, LLC might be the better answer.

Engage, led by Marie S. Keister, APR, AICP, develops successful programs that meet your objectives — without further raising the ire of critics and opponents.

How? By using strategies that achieve your objectives — and avoid the pitfalls that send companies and projects down the wrong track.

Engage develops winning strategies that include:

Early identification of key stakeholders who could be affected by your initiative

Developing an outreach program designed to identify and resolve issues early that could otherwise steamroll your project later

Building alliances with opinion leaders, the public, the voters and others on whom your success or failure depends

Developing easy-to-understand messages and materials to clearly communicate trade-offs, which leads to more informed decision-making